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Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer


Brides and grooms often share with me that choosing the right photographer is one of their highest priorities when planning a wedding. I love hearing that! If I know that a couple values what I do, it makes working with them that much more special! More so than with any other vendor, couples spend a lot of time with their photographer; it’s important to be sure that you really connect and vibe well with that person! There are so many different styles of photography out there, so it’s a good idea to be familiar with what you like, before emailing and reaching out to a handful of photographers.

Here are some questions to think about and consider, before finding your perfect wedding photographer:

1 – “How important is photography to us?”
If I ever were to plan a wedding, photography would be very, very high on my list. That’s not the case for everyone, though, and that’s okay! If hiring a photographer is a top priority for you, solidify that decision first before too much of your budget goes toward other aspects of the big day.

2 – “What do we want our photographer to accomplish for us?”
Do you have a set of traditional portraits in mind? Are you all about the candid, unseen moments? When looking through a photographer’s portfolio, you will probably see one or the other (or in many cases, a combination of both)! I personally shoot a mix of styled and unplanned photos on any wedding day.

3 – “What style of photography do we like?”
Do you gravitate toward images that are light and airy, or dark and moody? Film or digital?

4 – “Do we want an engagement shoot as part of our package?”
If an engagement shoot is important to you, be sure your photographer includes one as part of his/her collections. When comparing different packages, it’s also a good idea to see what print/album services are being offered!

I hope these tips are helpful! If you take a little bit of time to think about these questions, your search for the perfect photographer will be much more simple! You’ll feel more prepared, and your photographer-to-be will appreciate your thoughtfulness and thorough planning (trust me). If you go into your search knowing exactly who/what you like, you should be able to find an amazing person to capture your wedding day!






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