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The Seger Wedding


Remember when Michael Scott said, “Sometimes I start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way…”? That’s how I feel writing this post. There’s so much that I want to say, and yet no words seem adequate enough to describe how special this day was!

My sweet, hard-working, beautiful friend Allison is MARRIED! My job at her wedding had two parts: photographer, and emotionally-unstable hype girl. She and Scott are such an amazing pair. Scott is every girl’s idea of a dream guy. He’s kind, caring, and so fun to be around. I can’t imagine a better husband for Allison. He was one of the most excited grooms I’ve ever seen!

When their ceremony started, my inner monologue was something like this: “Okay. This is just like any other wedding. Do the job… don’t get emotional. You’re fine. Not crying.” Well, that didn’t last long. As soon as Allison came down the aisle the tears were in full force. I’m pretty sure I photographed the entire ceremony with misty eyes, so for that I’m proud of myself. Haha

Mr. and Mrs. Seger, thank you for everything. Cheers to many years of friendship ahead. I love you both!

Thank you to Rebecca Renner for second shooting with me.
(View Allison and Scott’s engagement shoot HERE)

I feel like their future daughter will love holding this cute ring box…

GORGEOUS! That veil was everything.

This girl… bride goals!

Seriously loved this group of guys… so fun and easy-going!

Scott, I’m so happy for you buddy…

Obsessed with this gorgeous arbor! Wow.

Love this shot Rebecca took of Harper, the sweet flower girl!

Me too, Mrs. Davies… me too.

One of my favorites… LOOK AT THEM. So happy!

They’re married!

Such a classic picture. I’ll probably frame it.

The reception space was really romantic and fun!

I love this so much. GAH.

And this one…






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