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The Rind Wedding


I can’t think of a better way to have spent my last wedding of the year, than with Angie and David in Jersey City! It was a freezing cold day, but everything felt warm — thanks to this kind, generous couple and their wonderful families. This wedding was full of unique touches that I hadn’t seen before. Angie is Greek, so their ceremony was held in the Greek Orthodox church where she grew up! It was something right out of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” This time, though, we substituted the windex for champagne toasts and a pretty skyline view.

My connection to David and Angie is so fun. David’s sister, Michelle (and her boyfriend, Jim) are two of my close friends — so getting to hang out with them all day was a bonus! It was also great seeing a city I’d never been to before. David and Angie- thank you for everything. Thank you for including me, for making me feel so special, and for setting an example of real love (or as Josh Tillman would say, real love baby!!!)

Thank you to Rebecca Renner for second shooting with me.

Sweet little details… like these heirloom pearls.

Such a pretty bride!!

David was so excited to see his girl!

These girls made standing in the cold look so easy!

I have no idea what I was saying here… haha! Love you, Angie.

Love this one. So much happiness!

Time to get married!

Jimmy, demonstrating the proper technique for reading a program.

High-five, we did it!

Tears all around — this shows how much Angie and David are loved!

One of my favorite parts: live Greek singing/dancing. I’ve been to Greece, and it reminded me so much of that time!

Party of the YEAR.

New York, we love you.






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