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I'm a Maryland girl with a love for all things creative, the autumn season, and spontaneous adventure. I'm a daydreamer who speaks in movie quotes and collects quirky greeting cards. Favorites include: home design, cozy sweaters, dogs, and sweater-wearing dogs. I'm so glad you're here, so pour yourself a drink, and keep exploring if you'd like to learn more about my business, and why I love what I do!

Angie & David


For me as a photographer, one of the things I appreciate most is when my couples are easy, go-with-the-flow kind of people. Angie and David are definitely those people, plus a million other wonderful qualities. Angie and David are New Jersey natives, and were visiting Baltimore just for the weekend; I knew we had to make their shoot happen while they were in town! Well, awful and gloomy rain was in the forecast and I was worried about whether we’d be able to pull this off! Thankfully, they were both so flexible when I basically said, “Okay! There’s about an hour break in the rain. Let’s do it!”

At one point, Angie mentioned to me that after six years together, she and David didn’t have any “nice” photos together, except for lots of fun iPhone pictures! I feel so lucky to be able to give them that, and to be photographing their gorgeous Jersey City wedding this fall. David and Angie are both so kind and welcoming, and I already feel so included in their lives, just by hanging out with them for a night (a night which included fun cocktails and a game of Clue). Angie and David, thank you so much for everything! I hope you treasure these photos forever. See you in November!






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  1. Patty

    July 1st, 2018 at 3:00 am

    These are just beautiful pictures!

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