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Photographer, teacher, lover of sweaters, dogs, and sweater-wearing dogs.
Available for coffee shop chats and worldwide trips.

I'm a 24-year-old Maryland girl, with a love for all things creative, the autumn season, and spontaneous adventure. I'm a daydreamer who speaks in movie quotes and collects quirky greeting cards. Favorites include: guiltless shopping in Anthropologie, a festive cocktail (or two), sending letters via snail mail, and perfecting my green thumb. I'm so happy you're here, so pour yourself a drink, and keep reading if you'd like to learn more about my business, and why I love what I do!

I believe in love that is timeless, sentimental, and authentic, and I work to create hand-crafted, intentional images that reflect your unique story. I created Paige Victoria Photography while pursuing an English degree; now, as a graduate student and full-time business owner, I'm building genuine relationships and striving to personalize each client experience. I love the people in my life like I love Gilmore Girls and homemade ice cream ... and that's true love.