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I'm a Maryland girl with a love for all things creative, the autumn season, and spontaneous adventure. I'm a daydreamer who speaks in movie quotes and collects quirky greeting cards. Favorites include: home design, cozy sweaters, dogs, and sweater-wearing dogs. I'm so glad you're here, so pour yourself a drink, and keep exploring if you'd like to learn more about my business, and why I love what I do!

Allison & Scott


Allison and Scott are ENGAGED! Woohoo! It’s been so fun for me to see my sweet friend find the man of her dreams. Allison is one of my dearest friends; there’s something about going through grad school that really brings people together (perhaps it’s the sleep deprivation). Allison is the most caring, talented teacher, and she’s the perfect fit for Scott. It’s funny– I met Scott for the first time at this shoot, and at one point when he was away gathering leaves (normal), I quickly turned to Allison, saying, “He’s perfect!” Scott is so nice. He’s just the kind of person who lights up a room. Yes, I know we were outside… but still. I would imagine that given the chance to walk into a room, he’d make it better.

This couple met at University of Maryland where they went to college, so our home state campus was the perfect place for their shoot. Being a Towson girl myself, I wasn’t very familiar with College Park; it was so fun following these two around, as they pointed out all of their favorite spots. I had the best time and am so happy with how the photos turned out. Thanks for everything, guys! I can’t wait for 10.19 next year, when you become Mr. and Mrs. Seger.






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  1. Carol Rowley

    November 9th, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Perfect Paige.
    Wonderful to meet these two young people thru your pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
    Best of good fortune to them, they started off with the good fortune of knowing and having you as a friend and photographer. Lovely memories for them and you.

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